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Creating things has always been a part of me. It all started around the age of five, when I began playing with Legos. I kind of had this thing for buildings, so after a while half my bedroom transformed into Lego Town.

As I grew older I got cursed by the thing designers do most, which is to look around and question everything. ‘Why is that chair over there, why not over here?’. ‘Why does that building look like that and not like this?’. I must have changed my childhood bedroom a hundred times, trying to find the perfect setting. And so in that sense, I was constantly designing. 

Years later, after becoming an interior designer, I can safely say that design is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. The part of my life that I am most passionate about.


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Let me know if you wanna talk about cats or photography or food, working together, anything!

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